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Oregon Private BDSM Playspace – West Linn, Oregon- 20 minutes from Portland


 MeadHall is a Oregon BDSM private play space where friends within the BDSM community come together to socialize, play and hang out

It is NOT a public space. To come to a party or a social event you MUST be invited. There is no invite request list If we do not know you, you will have to attend with a guest we do know as your host or you will have to wait until you do get to know us!!

Driveway is bordered by two chain link fences, dungeon in the lower building.


Regular Play Parties

  • 20 Minutes from Portland, Oregon
  • 1900 SQ Feet of Play space.
  • Private Bathroom and shower attached.
  • Social Area.
  • Suspension Ceiling strut rated for secure suspension scenes.
  • Sybian and Fucking machine for use.
  • Growing Selection of Dungeon Furniture and Equipment.

Play Space Rules

A quick reminder about the rules for the play parties.

  1. Please be silent walking up the drive to the space, while the play space is pretty sound insulated, the house next to the drive has a bedroom facing the path, let us avoid disturbing them
  2. Parties are limited in size; First come first serve must RSVP.
  3. Main house is Off Limits unless specified.
  4. Respect the space please.
  5. If you RSVP and are given a spot and cannot attend please let us know, so someone else can attend. You Can cancel an RSVP by logging in and selecting your profile and then events.
  6. Please bring a small side dish or snack plate to share if you are able.
  7. No Drinking of Alcohol is permitted at the play space unless specified. People given permission to drink during parties are generally not playing that evening,  Some events may feature cocktails at the bar in the main house after play.
  8. Respect the space and scenes of those around you. Yeah, I mean you!
  9. RED is the house safeword.
  10. House BDSM toys such as whips, paddles, clamps, canes, cuffs, rope
    and floggers may be borrowed for scenes by direct permission only,
    please clean all toys used. If you need to borrow a toy, just ask!
  11. Safe sex supplies are available, it is up to you if you want to use them, cleaning up after yourself however is mandatory.
  12. You MUST be eighteen years old or older to attend any events or be in the space for any reason.
  13. Photographing of scenes is permitted with the permission of those in the shot and notification of the staff and those around you that pictures will be taken, Pictures may be reviewed by staff if there is a question others were caught in the frame
  14. Reasonably appropriate clothing when on the street outside please, there is a changing area.